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  • Baguio 2013

    I will always be coming back at Baguio and if you’ll ask me why I would proudly say, “It is because Baguio is the city where I loved the most” chos, pero seriously I have many good memories in Baguio
    One of the main reasons I love baguio is because of the garlic buttered chicken of good taste which is indeed to die for. It was really mouthwatering yumminesssssssssssss.

    After dinner, I rushed at victory liner terminal where I met my sisses; sis Mean and sis Ayelle, because it is where I stayed during my vacation. I am really thankful to these lovely sisses of mine for being so hospitable :)

    The next day, I woke up quite late because of pamorningan talk with sis ayelle. We attended the 6pm service at Victory Christian Fellowship in CAP building. After the service, I had dinner with sis ayelle, sis cams, brod JL and brod Adams. huhu I forgot to take a pic.

    After dinner, I had some night out at El costa bar near victory liner with brods and sisses. It was really fun-of-a-night because we literally own the bar. We played different inuman games like lasing bobo, link, 7-up etc.

    The next day, I attended the weekly general assembly and I am so happy to meet my new sisses :) We had dinner at the food court and cocol at under the tree book cafe. We played Jenga blocks and uno cards.

    After this, we had a bit of a night out again at miguel’s where I played billiards. :) huhu no pic again T_T

    Tuesday, was when I visited UP baguio, ate at the new food court, stayed at tambayan and attended Sir Io’s PI100 class.

    Before I went back to Manila, I met Jessica and her friends who also became my friends. Yey to new friends! We chit chat at Zola along session road.

    Baguio will always hold a special place in my heart

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  • Zambales Adventure

    "We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us"

    I was writing this blog entry yesterday when suddenly I clicked on a link that redirected me somewhere then, poof all of my writing was gone. It was really a heartbreak but I won’t give up :) So, here I am starting my first legit blog entry about my adventures because I am quite confident that my singlehood or should I say 20’s will be mostly spent on this. :)

    My 2 best buddies; Crystal (Pakx), Dindi (Best), and I were planning alot about our trip but then we weren’t able to push through with all of the plans because of conflict of sched and other circumstances that is why I am uberly happy that this trip was pushed through.

    Our 3-day trip to Zambales is as follows:

    DAY 1:

    6:30 am We rode a bus in Victory Caloocan going to Iba, Zambales (250.00 for the bus fare)
    10:00 am We arrived at San Antonio, Zambales. We took a tricycle going to Pundaquit (30.00 for the tricycle fare)
    10:15 am We checked in at the Wild Rose Inn (1200 pesos for us 3. 400 each)
    12:00 am We rented a boat to Nagsasa Cove (2000 for the boat ride which is 1 hour away from Pundaquit, the mainland. 667 pesos each) ( the entrance cost is 50.00)

    The breathtaking Cove

    1:00 pm Exploring Nagsasa Cove, Swim swim swim.
    5:00 pm We went back to the mainland
    6:00 pm We swam at the inn’s pool
    11:00 pm Lights off

    DAY 2

    6:00 am We went at the market to buy food for grilling
    8:00 am We started to Island Hop (the boat rental was 1500 for 3 islands; Capones, Camara and Anawangin. 500 each)
    8:30 am We arrived at Capones Island

    Capones Island’s shore

    the famous rock formation at the Island

    9:30 am We passed by Camara Island, we weren’t able to drop off at the said island because the waves were too big
    10:00 am We arrived at Anawangin Cove (entrance fee for overnight is 100 pesos)
    11:00 am Preparations (we assembled the tent, grilled the food for lunch)

    The happy campers


    1:00 pm siesta time (we bought hammock for 180 pesos) sleeping on an hammock was really refreshing.. feels really good and relaxing :)

    4:00 pm swim swim swim
    6:00 pm Dinner
    7:00 pm Stargazing while at the shore
    9:00 pm We made a bonfire and roasted marshmallows while drinking beer ;)

    11:00 pm Sleep

    DAY 3

    6:00 am wake up
    7:00 am we hiked at the Anawangin mountain with our tour guide kuya Ismael (we paid him 200 for his effort)

    8:00 am We arrived the peak

    9:30 am swim swim swim
    10:00 am eating time
    11:00 am pack up

    The total cost for the trip was around 2500-3000 each. We would have cut short the expenses by sleeping on the tent rather than the inn during the first day but we weren’t able to plan for our nagsasa cove camp so we just slept at the inn.

    Overall, the trip was really fun and exciting specially I am with my two best buddies. I am looking forward to my next adventure together with these 2 gals.

    PS I am planning to blog about my past adventures since I am technically a Tambay HAHA. Also, blogging about my adventures makes me feel happy afterall, Psychologists say that memories make us more happier than the actual experience. so, more to come.. hihi.

  • Date A Girl Who Travels

    Date a girl who travels. Date a girl who would rather save up for out of town trips or day trips than buy new shoes or clothes. She may not look like a fashion plate, but behind that tanned freckled face from all the days out in the sun, lies a mind that can take you places and open a heart that will take you for what you are, not for what you can be.

    Date a girl who travels. You’ll recognize her by the backpack she always carries. She won’t be carrying a dainty handbag; where will she put her travel journal, her pens, and the LED flashlight that’s always attached to her bag’s zipper? In a small purse, how can she bring the small coil of travel string, the wet tissues, the box of cracker, and the bottle of water she’s always ready with, just in case something happens and she can’t go on yet?

    Yes, a girl who travels knows that anytime, anything can happen and she just has to be prepared with it. Nothing takes her by surprise; she takes everything with equanimity. knowing that such things are always part of life. She’s reliable and dependable, traits that she’s learned while on the road.

    You’ll also recognize a girl who travels by the fact that she’s always amazed at the world around her, no matter if she’s in her home or in a place that’s totally new. She sees beauty all around her, not just the ones featured in travel guides or shown in postcards. A girl who travels has developed a deeper appreciation for life. She won’t judge you, or pressure you to do things you don’t want to do. She knows to much about the importance of identity and self-efficacy, and she will appreciate all the more if you won’t pretend to be who you’re not.

    You can make mistakes with a girl who travels, and you can also be as idiosyncratic as you can be. Trust me, she has seen so much worse in her travels, and knows firsthand the vagaries of human nature.

    Date a girl who travels, because when you’re with her, you’ll realize that even though she’s napped at a temple in Angkor Wat, went boating down the Mekong Delta, ran by the streets of Saigon, or went skinny-dipping in the caves in the Philippines, she still retains that humility that is a mark of the real traveler. She knows she’s been to a lot of places, but she’s humbled by the fact that the world is still a big place and she’s only seen a small part of it. Seeing this in her can make you feel all right with yourself too; there’s no need for you to do more, to be more. What you are is enough.

    When you meet a girl who travels. She won’t want expensive gifts; you can buy her (or both of you) cheap tickets to Thailand for the weekend, and she’ll be more than happy to take you to the longest wooden bridge in the country. You don’t even have to go overseas; you can take her out on day trips, caving or hiking, or treat her to a full body massage.

    You can also buy her the little things that she keeps forgetting to buy for herself; that carabiner that will attach her backpack to her seat so that she will feel easier about sleeping on her bus trip, or a backpack cover, a small alarm clock, a money belt, or maybe another sarong that will replace the ones she lost in China.

    She won’t mind if you get lost on your way to a date. She knows that oftentimes, the journey is more important than the destination. She will help you see the lighter side of things. She’ll walk along with you, not behind you, pointing out the interesting bits of things you’ll see along the way. Before long, you realize that that yes, the journey has been more memorable than the destination you’ve planned to take her to.

    Is a girl who travels worth it? Yes, she is. So when you find her, keep her. Don’t lose her with all your insecurities and doubts. Because when she says she loves you, she really does. After all, she’s seen so many things, met so many people, and if she had chosen you, better grab that opportunity and thank the gods that you were lucky enough she’s chosen you and not that bloke she met while watching the sun rise in Angkor Wat, or while whitewater rafting in the Padas Gorge in Sabah.

    If she says she loves you, she must have seen something in you, something that can always call her back from her travels, something that can anchor her to the world in the way that she wants to after weeks and months of being on the road.

    Date a girl who travels. Make her feel safe, warm, and secure. Make her believe that no matter where she goes, and however long she’s gone, you’ll always be there for her, the one that she can call home.

    Find a girl who travels. Date her, love her and marry her, and your world will never be the same again.

    from: http://www.solitarywanderer.com/2012/02/date-a-girl-who-travels/

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    Don’t take the people God put in your life for granted. If they were gone tomorrow, would they know how much you love them, and what they mean to you?

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  • I do not just TRAVEL, I EXPATRIATE

    I somewhat agree that I am an adrenaline junkie; I want to experience new things, meet new people and dive into an adventure. My ultimate dream is to go backpacking around the world with someone special. However, I find myself not just traveling but living in another country for a year or so. Well, I guess, I love the immersion into a country’s culture that I am experiencing. To back track a bit, I lived in Korea for a year for an exchange student program and my experience there was superb, amazing and awesome: words can’t describe how a LOT OF FUN it was. I went to every place, eat every food and experience every thing Korea’s culture has to offer. Now, I am working in Singapore and saving for my future short travels, the problem is, I do not have anyone to travel with. HAHA! Singapore is treating me well. I love how diverse the culture is which allows me to eat different kinds of foods, meet different people from different countries and experience the convenience of life. On the other hand, I am now starting to plan for my masters degree which will prolly be for the fall semester next year and it seems to be that I’m setting my foot on the west this time. (praying hard for this!) :)

    so yeah, I want to live a happier lifestyle and try new things in life. TO EXPLORE LIKE DORA. LAWL!

    Expensive gadgets and high-end clothes are not good reasons to be broke. But plane tickets, traveling and new experiences are.

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  • Renewed

    Hello Tumblr! I am kinda back on track.. I just felt the gut to write today =)

    My Singapore adventure is really one of a kind. I do believe God put me here with a specific purpose and reason. I feel blessed and satisfied with my life right now tho I know that it is far from perfect.

    I am so blessed with a family here :)

    Gadites YEAH!

    I am so grateful with my work too, tho it is so challenging and stressful to deal with a difficult boss.

    Above all, I love the kind of woman I am becoming. I am so much filled with His presence and grace. My Christian family helps me in my race for Him and I think I am chasing all that He is. Looking back with who I am and what my life was back then was kind of disappointing , I felt empty that I seek company with everyone and wanted to be with someone that I went on numerous dates (good thing I did not compromise and dived into a relationship just for the sake of having one). I guess that happy go lucky whatever phase of my life has passed and now I am into a mature outlook in life; seeking on the important things not the earthly-fleeting things.
    The dark side have passed and now I am in and with the light.. The happiness is not just the fleeting and shallow happiness but the one that comes within; a bliss not enough for a word to convey. Thank You God and I am so much delighted with the path that you have for me. I am changed, I am blessed and I will touch lives in Your name.

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  • Ansabe ng audition ko sa dance ministry? Hihi =) yey! I want to dance and praise Your name up high! :)

    Ansabe ng audition ko sa dance ministry? Hihi =) yey! I want to dance and praise Your name up high! :)

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